MEDEA+ presentations

Arthur Van Der Poel - MEDEA+

MEDEA+ Status Quo Facts and Figures

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Arthur Van Der Poel - MEDEA+

Beyond MEDEA+

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Keynote Speeches

Tobias Just - Deutsche Bank

Global Market Changes in Electronics - Microelectronics

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Jean Chabbal - CEA LETI

Integration of Nanotechnologies: a global system approach for healthcare applications

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Didier Lamouche - Bull

Security of the IT systems

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Project Leaders' presentations

Wolfgang Rosenstiel - Universität Tübingen Technische Informatik

A508 SPEAC - a new System Level design flow cutting design effortsand time-to-market for SoC

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Hubert Azemard - EADS

A108 SUPERSTAR - a contribution to the success of the PMR business

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Guillermo Bomchil- STMicroelectronics

T201/T207 "CMOS Logic Nanotechnology projects in Europe with particular references to 90 nm" "T201 results exploitation and present status of 65 nm T207"

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Rob Hartman - ASML

MEDEA+ EUVL Cluster Projects - a European Success Story

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