24 April, 2006: Upcoming deadline for MEDEA+ call for project proposals

May 10, 2006 has been defined as the deadline to submit the last proposals pertaining to the 5th MEDEA+ call opened on June 06, 2005.
Paris, 24 April, 2006 - Already submitted proposals reveal that MEDEA+, the EUREKA cluster programme for innovative European research and development in microelectronic technologies and applications will once again enlarge its number of collaborative partners from medium and small sized companies, from institutes, universities and academic institutions. "We are pleased with both the number of and the quality of projects submitted as part of this call," said Gérard Matheron director of the MEDEA+ Office. "With an average level of 2000 researchers/year involved in these projects, the industry’s continuous commitment to invest in innovation, research and development for the benefit of Europe at large is clearly demonstrated. And the quality of the proposals received is proof that Europe’s micro- and nanoelectronic industry is maintaining its high tech domains."

Though the MEDEA+ programme will end in 2008, this call will not be the last one of the programme. Another call will be opened in the last quarter of 2006, details of which will be announced in due course. And since resulting projects will most probably extend beyond 2008, respective time extensions will be granted by the EUREKA organization to all projects labelled by MEDEA+.


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